Fancy donning denim and leather and making your marketing rock?

These five classic rock tracks will show you how.

1: Light my fire – The Doors

To begin with you must always ‘light a fire.’

This means grabbing people’s attention and getting them interested and involved.

Avoid therefore, marketing copy that simply says – “We do this thing, we’re very good at it, call this number for more information.”

It is much better instead, to talk to your customers and prospects about themselves.

Show them therefore, how you really understand their needs and how you see their problems from their point of view.

A simple way to help you do this, is to aim to swop any ‘we’ language you may be using, for ‘you’ language.

This starts to create two way, rather than one way, conversations.

2: Communication breakdown – Led Zeppelin

It is always important to build the best possible relationship with a client and to keep the conversation going.

Asking for feedback is a very important way to do this.

And if there’s a problem along the way; an open, honest and nonjudgmental approach to wanting to solve it, will help you avoid any ‘communication breakdown.’

And if you have an ongoing, great relationship with a client, you’ll always be nicely positioned to have a conversation about the next stage.

3: Don’t stop – Fleetwood Mac

Your marketing must be consistent and it must be ongoing.

Ensure therefore that you do not adopt a pattern of simply marketing your business when things are a quiet.

4: New kid in town – The Eagles

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on your competition and what they’re up to.

They may be doing something that you can learn from.

Watch out also for the new kids in town. They will (understandably) be looking for any new business and they may undercut your prices to get it.

5: More than a feeling – Boston

Do you data-crunch your marketing spend and the results you get back?

This is fundamentally important and there are a variety of methods and system to help you do this.

Tracking your marketing spending and successes must always be ‘more than a feeling.’

This also helps you identify what you should do (or should not do) next.

Ace your marketing!
Keep on top of all the above and we’re sure your marketing will ‘Go up to 11’ and be ‘The Ace of Spades’.

Sorry, but we did have to get both a Spinal Tap and a Motorhead reference in here somewhere!