The problem with marketing is, that it can be easy to find yourself trying to communicate with all sorts of people through many different channels.

So how do we keep it targeted and effective?

There are three main things to get in place.



1: Be clear about the people you want to talk to

It is much more effective to focus on building inbound referrals from a small number of targeted people than trying to talk to everyone.

You need therefore to get a really strong feel for your best customers.

You need to know their job role, the company they work for, where they are based, what they do each day, etc.


2: Understand how you solve their problems

You need to know what is most important to them, what their problems are and how you solve them.

What for example keeps them awake at night? What do they need to show their boss at the end of the month? What would they love to present to their board at the end of the year?


3: Find out where they’re active

Now you need to find out what they read, what social media channels they use, where they network, what events and business shows they attend, etc.

Where are they active and where are they engaged?


Direct and focused

Once you put these three elements together you can then create a targeted marketing strategy using the very best mix of – online content/ social media/ websites/ mailouts/ free downloads/ emails/ e-shots/ print/ telemarketing/ events/ public speaking/ PR/ media.

You’ll use the most direct of these; probably just two, three or four of them.

You’ll also put tracking and measures in place.


Strategic marketing

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