The problem with business copywriting is; when we sit down to actually do it, it can be very easy to adopt a formal style.

In my copywriting training I call this, ‘putting on your suit and tie’ to write.

Here’s how to make it a bit more fun, but still keep it business-like.



Just have a chat with your reader
People do not do business with faceless organisations, they do business with people.

In your writing therefore, be professional but also allow yourself to use the same kind language you’d use if you were having a chat with your prospect or customer in a coffee shop.

Give yourself permission therefore, to relax your writing style.

The more you can do this (within reason!) the more you’ll make memorable connections.

Remember your passion
Think also about how people talk when they’re really passionate about something.

After all, you’re passionate about your business and the products and services you provide, right?

When someone talks with passion you notice, not only how their body language changes but also how they simplify their words.

Try to put this kind of natural enthusiasm into your writing.

Avoid jargon
In addition, unless it’s some kind of heavy technical document you’re writing, avoid where possible using jargon, abbreviations and acronyms.

OK – here’s how to do it!
Before you start to write, simply say aloud what you want to say.

Then just type in what you’ve just heard.

Here’s an example
Rather than saying (in a business letter):

Thank you John for your earlier correspondence. We are very pleased to be able to reply and submit our promotional brochures and ratecard for your consideration. I hope these give you all the information you need at this stage and answer any questions you may have. I will contact you in a couple of days for your feedback.

How about?

Great to hear from you John. I’ll pop our brochures and ratecard in with this letter. They should give you everything you need but do remember; I’m always at the end of the phone if anything’s unclear. I’ll leave them with you for a couple of days and then give you a call. I’d be really interested to know what you think!

I hope you agree that the second example feels a little warmer and more conversational, than the first.

I hope John agrees too!

We can help?
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I’d be very pleased to help.