When comes to promoting our businesses it’s very easy (and quite natural) for us to talk about what we do.

It’s easy to talk about the services we deliver or the products we sell and about our successes and achievements.

But it’s not about us – it’s about them!

I’ve written about this approach before but I wanted to post another blog about this key way of thinking.

Think about their needs
It is much more effective to approach your marketing by thinking about the needs of your customers.

Turn your language around so that you talk to your customers about how you make their lives easier.

Show them that you understand their problems and challenges and that you have a solution.

How to do it
It all starts with your wording.

Take some time to look again at your marketing materials and your copywriting and see how often you use the word ‘we.’

Then, whenever you use the word ‘we’, try turning it into the word ‘you.’

It’s a simple exercise and the more you do it, the more you will understand how your organisation meets the needs of your customers and how you can get this across.

Once they understand that you help them meet their aims, they are much more likely to come to you and start a conversation.

Need any help?
If you need help, this is exactly what Clarify Copywriting is here to do.

As professional copywriters we help organisations stand aside from their business and see it from their customer’s point of view.

We’ll then come up with some killer copy to get you both connected.

To find out more, have a look at our website or email Adrian Barradell at – abclarify@gmail.com