Conrad Knight Associates

Commission – Fresh SEO website content

Response – “Adrian ‘nailed it’ first time”

The organisation

Based in Northamptonshire, Conrad Knight is an IT Recruitment specialist supporting all business sectors in the UK, Europe and the US.


To meet the differing needs of both client and candidate (and also to attract their interest) Conrad Knight required completely revised SEO-rich copy for their website.


The first thing Adrian did was to suggest that the website navigation should be split to support the two core sectors of Client and Candidate.

Therefore, after an initial brief but convincing introduction to the business offer on the homepage, each site visitor would then navigate to the appropriate content for their needs. This is typical of the Clarify Copywriting approach; it’s not just about providing great words, it’s also about working in a consultative way to ensure the marketing tool (in this case a website) meets its wider communication aims and makes profitable connections.

A further example of this was suggesting that blogs should be built into the new website. This would enable Conrad Knight to share its expertise and also comment on up and coming industry news to position the company as a maven within their field.


Conrad Knight was so delighted with the SEO-rich website copy submitted that after a first draft was tabled, not a single word was changed.

Rob Reason, MD, Conrad Knight IT Associates said

“Adrian took time getting to know me and to understand our ethos and values. He then went away and within a short space of time sent me the copy for the new Conrad Knight website. He ‘nailed it first time’ and I am delighted with his word craft, including the detail that truly reflects the organisation’s image and mission.

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