Hands on at Work Massage

Commission – Ongoing, monthly blog content

Response – “A high-quality, creative and wholly reliable service”

The organisation

Based in Worcester, Hands on at Work is one of the UK’s leading providers of workplace massage therapies.


After producing copy for the new Hands on at Work website, business owner Kathy Scott asked Adrian to carry on and produce monthly blogs which would promote the business and build responsive customer relationships.


Clarify Copywriting recognised that this client was very busy, both delivering the core service and running the company. They therefore needed reliable ‘hands off’ support which at the most, would require them to glance over each blog when submitted, and then either make some small copy changes or simply approve the wording and upload it to the website.

In addition, Clarify Copywriting did not expect the client to have to research and choose each subject matter. Monthly therefore, an email is submitted listing five or six possible creative titles, one of which is then chosen by return email.


Although a key promotional tool for Hands on at Work, if the blog writing was not outsourced it’s very likely that this could be one of those important items on the company’s ‘to do’ list that gets missed. The service from Clarify Copywriting therefore gives the client everything they need.

Kathy Scott, Owner of Hands on at Work said

I receive a first-class service that gives me the fresh, engaging and creative website content I require, on time, every month. What’s more the quality is consistently good. I know that Adrian inherently understands my business and my audience. Therefore, after a year of blogs, I can’t remember having to change a single word in anything that has been submitted.

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