Commission – Fresh SEO website content

Response – All professionally written and thoroughly recommended”

The organisation

Outwood.Biz delivers a variety of data driven business support services including data capture, analysis and management.

This enables organisations to report on progress, improve efficiencies, future plan and meet all relevant legislation.


The aim of Outwood.Biz MD John Inwood was to re-launch his company with an improved customer offer, fresh branding and a new website.

Engaging copywriting to effectively communicate the uplifted business offer and bring in new customers would be an essential part of this.


Having worked successfully with Clarify Copywriting before, John asked Adrian Barradell to write his new website with SEO rich content that could also be used on other marketing platforms.


The engaging website wording created by Clarify Copywriting now succinctly presents the Outwood.Biz personality and helps to drive enquiries. The copywriting also supports promotional flyers and banners.

Outwood.Biz MD, John Inwood said

“Adrian is a very detailed person and gets to know you first in an extended one to one before writing any copy.

He has produced a range of work for me in recent years including my new website for Outwood.Biz. All have been professionally written and I thoroughly recommend his services.”

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