Here at Clarify Copywriting we help organisations communicate.

As a part of this we encourage writers to use (where possible) simple words rather than fancy ones.

This is because we’re all so busy these days, we just need to be able to quickly take in any information we’re given.



A few examples
There are some business words that are used often but can feel rather dry and formal.

When you’re writing, keep your language appropriate for your audience but use where possible, a simple version of each word.

Here are some ‘replacement’ examples.

Advise – Inform/ Tell
Amend – Change
Confirm – Agree
Complete – Finish
Defer – Put off
Initiate – Begin/ Start/ Kick off
Implement – Carry out/ Get on with
In reference to – About
Submit – Send off
Utilise – Use.

This list could of course be much, much longer but we’ll keep it brief for now.

Hopefully, it gives you the basic idea.

Why not try it and see how you get on?

Here to help
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