So what is the most useful copywriting tip ever?

I believe it is – write using ‘you’ rather than ‘we’ language.

Simple eh?

A core skill
As a professional copywriting trainer it’s fair to say that when I run my workshops (with mixed groups, marketing teams or individuals) this idea fuels it all.

You are probably aware of the phrase, ‘Don’t wee all over your copy’ and it’s all about taking your existing words and twisting them round 360° that they talk directly to your customers and prospects about what’s important to them.

You might for example see website copy such as:

• We are a trusted, leading provider of this service.
• We support a wide range of business sectors.
• We are very proud to be an award-winning company.

Try however, changing this approach around.

You might for example take these lines and change them to:

• You’ll want to work with a trusted, leading service provider.
• You’ll want to know that they’re highly experienced within in your sector.
• And if they’ve won a number of industry awards, you’ll find that reassuring.

Try a fresh eye
Why not have a fresh look at your current marketing copy and see if there’s anything you can update?

Have fun with it and if you need any help, do remember that Clarify Copywriting is always here to give free copywriting advice via

Simply send us across an example of your writing and we’ll review it for you.