Blogging is all about giving out something useful and making it interesting

Here’s how to write blogs that people will want to read and share.



1. Be a problem solver
Think about the challenges and problems your customers have and give them content that makes their lives easier.

Let’s say you are a sports physiotherapist.

Your business helps people get over and avoid sports injury.

You may therefore have blog titles like:

 5 ways to avoid injury when you start training
 Essential warm up tips for amateur athletes
 How to get back up to speed after an injury.

You can even be more audience segmented here, with titles like:

 5 ways runners can avoid injury
 Essential warm up tips for gym users
 How to get back up to speed after a cycling injury.

It’s all about showing that you understand the people you support and that you’re the ‘go to’ specialist.


2. Look again at the services you offer
Another way to get ideas for clickable blogs is to look again at the services you offer.

Each one should give you an idea for a blog.

For example, Clarify Copywriting provides business copywriting and training services.

This includes writing business copy, re-writing existing copy to improve it, proofreading existing copy, adding SEO content and keywords to copy so that it can be found online, and more.

All I need to do therefore is take any one of these and then write a few paragraphs that give some advice.

I may therefore write a blog entitled, ‘Helpful tips to improve your business proofreading.’

I have actually done this in the past, so do have a look at some of my earlier blog posts.


3. Think seasonally
By this I mean, think about what matters to your customers throughout the year.

OK, let’s say you are an accountant.

You may blog in January on, ‘How to get your New Year finances on track.’

You may blog in August on, ‘Five finance growth tips to ponder on the beach.’

You may blog in November on, ‘Remember, remember – don’t forget these tax saving essentials.’


4. Use landmark dates and anniversaries
With this one, let’s say you are an IT support company and there is a big business show coming up that everyone in the industry will attend.

If this is the case you could write a blog on, ‘Five ways to ensure you win at IT Expo 2018.’

Looking out also, for key anniversaries.

Perhaps, 100, 50 or 20 years ago there was a milestone event in computing.

In 1948 in Manchester for example, the world’s first stored-program electronic digital computer was launched.

This may inspire a blog title such as, ‘Digital storage is 70 years old. What have we learnt?’


5. Have fun with it
Finally, not every blog has to be ‘business heavy.’

It’s a nice idea from time to time, to write something a little lighter.

Pop songs or movies can be fun to use because everyone can relate to them.

If you are (say) an Independent Financial Adviser you could write a blog called, ‘Five classic pop songs with ‘money’ in the title.’

‘Money, Money, Money’ by Abba may be your starting point, but do remember to explain how some of the lyrics can guide your customers terms of their investment planning.

I’m pretty sure the song includes the line, ‘In my dreams I have a plan!’


That’s it.
Enjoy it, and if you need any help please let us know.

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