If you need to write a personal business profile, perhaps for a website or for social media, this month’s blog will help you gather all the information you need and then format your wording.

The starting point is some fact finding questions and if you’re writing your own profile, you can even use them to interview yourself!

It is by the way, always a good idea to gather the background information verbally (perhaps recording on your ‘phone or tablet).

This is because verbal responses tend to be more direct and succinct than written responses.

To get started
Ask your profile person the below questions seeking a brief answer for each one.

Ask about:

1: Their name, the company they work for and their job title.

2: Their relevant qualifications, if they’ve won any industry awards and if they hold any professional memberships.

3: Their company role, what do they do and the difference they make.

4: The main organisations they’ve worked for previously and the difference they made there.

5: Any key career milestones.

6: Their skills set and what they really know a lot about.

7: Showing a measured track record.

8: Their interests away from work.

9. Their passion.

10: The people they help, how they help them and how they make their lives better.

The key is how they help
The above will give you bags of information to work from but the key is to start with the answers to question 10.

Help the reader understand therefore, the difference this person can make for them and why they really should get in contact.

The answers you have for questions 1 to 9 will simply embellish this.

Include a call to action
Keep the wording reasonably brief and show the reader how they can get in contact with your profile person if they’d like to.

It is after all, all about convincing them that they should!

Seeking writing help?

If you need help with your business copywriting please email abclarify@gmail.com and share the challenge you face.

Clarify Copywriting will be very pleased to help.